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    The claims rejection management process aims to identify the issues with the claim and provides a chance to correct them. Many people often mistake Denial Management for Rejection Management. Rejected claims are those that contain errors and have not been processed by the payer's adjudication system. The biller must correct and resubmit these claims. In contrast, denied claims are claims that the payer has adjudicated and denied payment. Healthcare organizations should prioritize both rejected and denied claims.


    To prevent future denials, healthcare organizations must
    continuously address front-end process issues

    To successfully appeal denied claims, billers must identify and correct root causes before filing an appeal with the payer. We prepare appeal letters by analyzing denial reasons, attaching clinical documentation, and submitting the claims for an effective outcome and prompt reimbursements

    Types Of Claim Denials

    • Soft denials :
      Soft denials are temporary and need no appeal. They can be paid if your healthcare practice resolves the issue.
    • Hard denial:
      A hard denial is a type of rejection that leads to lost revenue and necessitates an appeal.
    • Preventable denial:
      A preventable denial is a hard rejection that results from avoidable issues, such as improper coding.
    • Administrative denial:
      An administrative denial is a refusal in which the payer informs your organization of the reason for the claim's rejection.

    Benefits Of Outsourcing
    Denial Management To Us

    Focus on getting claims resolved

    Our priority is to resolve the claims rather than just obtaining information on their status.

    Process Automation

    We streamline the whole denial management process with modern technological integration.

    Workflow automation

    This helps us to offer the best customer service and diminish all the inaccuracies related to denial management.

    Minimal Outstanding Account Receivables

    Our clients experience a significant reduction in outstanding account receivables within a shorter timeframe.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our process begins by tracking the denial status, identifying its issues, and then refiling and resolving the claim. Our experts keep a proper follow-up till the claim is resolved.
    Practices can recover payments from denied reimbursements and improve the revenue cycle by outsourcing the claim denial management. Rejected claims often result in improper cash flow and revenue leakage for healthcare practices.
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